Starting to think about David’s background and my idea of it. Always liked the idea of him being around the time of the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. Which would be a great reason as to why he knew so much about that hotel. He talks about it in great confidence, could almost think he was there as it happened. Maybe he even witnessed the tragedy. For me I like to think he was a bellboy that worked in that hotel a year before the earthquake. If anyone else has read the comics they would know that Widow Johnson was actually a vampire. Also she is the sire of David…it’s not Max. (Plot Twist) Now going off of that I like to think that The Widow Johnson was staying in the hotel at the time David started working there. She became intrigued by him and wanted him as hers. So as a few days passed she started to seduce him. In which he eventually gave into her advances and it all ended with him becoming part of the undead.

Now rewinding a little bit, deeper into his human days. Just recently I made a connection…or a headcannon. It comes from Kiefer’s 1988 movie Young Guns. I have mentioned before that I liked to think of Ace Merrill being a human David in the 50’s. But I think I am favoring this new thought.

Young Guns is based in what, the late 1800’s?! Would be a nice starting point for David I think. Very old-fashioned and rugged lifestyle. Something that David seems to be. Would also be a good way to explain where he gets his family values from. Taking in troubled outcasts, giving them a place to call home and a family they could trust.  Now I’m not gonna just forget about Ace though. I do believe it could have been David but just the attitude and that only. David would already be vampire at that point and well, just can’t walk around in the sun like Ace does. =D So lets just stick to a nocturnal Ace.

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